Cliff Top Kennels Re-homing Centre


Cliff Top Kennels Rehoming Centre has been looking after unwanted dogs since 2001.

Our official charity status was granted to us in 2005 so that we can continue our work in looking after unwanted and stray dogs. We have a small committee of trusted and caring people who are dedicated to looking after these unfortunate animals.

The core aim of the charity is to look after healthy dogs until a home can be found for them. Healthy dogs are never put to sleep and we will care for them for as long as necessary. As you can imagine this incurs costs, as food and vet bills add up. This is why we need the charity. Your donations or your participation in events on our behalf are essential to the survival of the charity.

We feel that we should give every a dog a chance of gaining a good home where they will be loved and cared for in the best possible environment.

Where our dogs come from

Most of our rescue dogs come to us as unclaimed strays, however we are sometimes able to take on dogs from owners who are no longer able to look after the dog/s themselves.

If you have a dog which you would like us to consider for re-homing please give us a call on 01723 870456.

We will ask you some questions about the dog and your reasons for wanting us to take it. If we are satisfied that we could re-home it, and we have space in the kennels we will make an appointment for you to bring your dog so we can run an assessment on its suitability and complete a questionnaire about the dog's life and habits to help us find the right new home for him/her.