Cliff Top Kennels Re-homing Centre


Step by Step through the Adoption Process

Step 1
If you see a dog on the website that interests you, call us on 01723 870456. During this call we will ask a few questions about your household (for example who lives with you, whether there are any other animals in the house and the type of property you live in, etc) and you can ask us about the dog.

Step 2
If it seems that you would be a potential match for the dog we then arrange an appointment for you to come and meet him/her. We ask that everybody that lives in the house, along with any other dog/s you have, come to that appointment so that we can get a feel for how everyone will get along.

Step 3
If, after meeting the dog, you decided that you were interested in adopting it we would ask for an initial non returnable £30.00. This reserves the dog and we would not allow anybody else to view him/her.

Step 4
The charity would then arrange a home check to assess the suitability of your property. If all is satisfactory with the home check we then arrange for you to come and collect the dog. At that time the balance for the adoption would be payable and you will sign the adoption contract.

Adoptions start at £80.00 and are set according to the individual dog, taking into account its breed, age and vaccination status. This can be discussed at the time you make your initial enquiry.

Post adoption follow up care

There are various ways we can support you following the adoption of your new dog;

  • We will ensure that your new dog is microchipped before leaving the kennels and we will register you as the new owner with the microchip company.
  • If you experience any difficulties with your new dog, we are at the end of the phone from Monday to Saturday between 9.00am and 5.00pm to offer advice.
  • All our dogs are bathed and groomed before they leave the kennels and if you think your dog requires further grooming, either as a one off or on a regular basis we have a Grooming Parlour on site.
      Download our grooming brochure here
  • If you find you need to do some training with your new dog, then both group and individual private lessons are held at the kennels weekly with Jill Pennock Dog Training.
      Download our training brochure here
  • You may need your dog looking after from time to time when you go away. We have Boarding Kennels on site where your dog will be happy in already familiar surroundings, with people he/she knows.
      Download our boarding brochure here