Scarborough Dog Rescue at Cliff Top Kennels; we aim to rescue, shelter and find homes for unwanted, abandoned and stray dogs in and around Scarborough and North Yorkshire.

Cliff Top Kennels Rehoming Centre


Cliff Top Kennels

The Location

Enjoying some of the most stunning views on the Yorkshire coast the seven acres of 'Cliff Top' was established as a boarding kennels in 1999. Very soon the qualified, experienced family-run business earned the valued reputation of being one of the best kennels in the county offering the highest standard of canine care.

This location makes this one of the best places to kennel unwanted dogs until we can find them another home.



There are 31 individual heated sleeping quarters, 17 of which are in this modern purpose built, light and airy boarding block.

They are all regularly cleaned throughout the day, and the temperature is checked and maintained to give a pleasant and comfortable environment, day and night.

All beds, fresh bedding and bowls are provided.

Exercise area


Obviously exercise is a must for all dogs and we feel we have the ideal facilities.

At the rear of the kennels there is approximately a three acre walking/exercise paddock. This area is fully enclosed, safe and clean and is suitable for all types of exercise.

Each dog is exercised on a daily basis.


Support and Training

We want to be able to give the best support to all new homes for the dogs. Whether you are a first time owner or adding to your pack you sometimes need a helping hand. We feel that we can offer the best possible support with Jill Pennock.

Jill Pennock is an affiliated instructor of the Kennel Club's 'Good Citizen Scheme' at all levels. She is also a behavioural specialist and her skills can help you develop general obedience.

At the kennels there is also specific training carried out with both individual and group lessons keeping both you and your new dog on track.



Grooming is an essential part of any dogs health. We have a fully equipped grooming parlour at the kennels where advice is readily available on matters such as diet, skin and coat care. Nails, ears and anal glands are inspected as part of the grooming regime and dealt with accordingly.

We are committed to the belief that proper, professional grooming makes a significant contribution to your dog's health and well-being.